Earthwise Lawn Mower 60120 20-Inch Review

Earthwise Lawn Mower 60120

Earthwise Lawn Mower 60120

The Earthwise Lawn Mower 60120 a good performing electric cordless mower but not an excellent one to make out on our list of best mowers. The mower has a powerful 24-volt battery but the battery is a bit heavy. The overall weight of the mower is around 101 pounds which makes it heavier as compared to other brands of mowers.

Although it has a 20-inch wide cutting area that covers more cutting space and needs lesser passes saving time and energy. However, the 24 volts battery and the heavyweight may reduce its ability to mow the larger area. This mower works fine if you have 1/3 acres or 14520 square feet of yard.

This Earthwise Lawn Mower has seven adjustable cutting heights from 1.5 to 4 inches. No need to adjust the height of every single wheel since this mower allows you to adjust the cutting height with the help of a single lever which makes it quite easy for you to handle.

The cutting deck is made up of metal and this is also one the reasons that increase the weight of the mower. Other brands of small mowers have their deck made up of polymer that not only makes the lawn mower lightweight but also prevent it from rust.

The handle of this mower is specially designed while keeping the ergonomics in the mind. The cushion on the handle gives better grip while you are mowing. You are also able to control the blades functionality using a blade control system on the handle.

The Earthwise Lawn Mower 60120 comes with 3 discharging features. You may use the mulching feature and provide healthy mulch nutrients to your lawn. There is an option to use the side discharge feature as well. you may also use bagging feature if you like to collect the clippings in the bag.  In order to do that you just need to attach the bag to the mower. This feature can be quite useful specifically in the fall season to get rid of those leaves that you mostly see in that season spread all over the lawn.

If you want a more powerful battery, you may go for an upgraded model of this mower that is Earthwise 60420 40 volt mower. It requires 2 Lithium-ion batteries to run the mower. Both the batteries are included with the mower. The weight of Earthwise 60420 is also lighter (53 pounds) as compared to the previous model that is Earthwise 60120.  You will get a 2 years warranty on this mower.

Keeping in mind that both the above-mentioned models of Earthwise have no self-propelling feature.

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