Craftsman Lawn Mower 37430 21 Inch Review

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Craftsman Lawn Mower 37430 With 21 Inch 140cc Engine

Craftsman Lawn Mower 37430 is a gas-powered push lawn mower which is quite easy to use, however, you need to do few assembling of parts when you take it out of the box. You can get started by extending the handles of the mower. Set the pull start cord along with few other easy adjustments and you are ready to mow the lawn. Sinc it is a Gas mower so it is obvious that you need to fill in the gas which is also quite easy to do. The cap for the gas can easily be removed. Since the gas cap comes off easily it can be a bit of a problem later on.

The Craftsman Lawn Mower 37430  has a Briggs and Stratton  140cc engine. It normally starts with a single pull and performs quite good. This mower easily cuts the tall grass and weeds without much effort in a single pass.

Although it’s not a self-propelled mower and this feature is quite necessary if you want to mow a hilly terrain. However, the large 11-inch rear and 7-inch front wheel give the mower a strong grip and the light weight of this mower make it easier for you to maneuver the uphill.

This Craftsman Lawn Mower has the 21-inch cutting deck with large blades allow you to cover more cutting area. You are also able to adjust the 6 cutting height positions in this mower and this feature is only available with few of the good mowers that are available in stores today.

The most liked feature of this Craftsman Mower is the 3 ways you can cut and manage the clippings. If you like to collect the grass clippings in the bag you just need to simply add the bag at the back. If you like to add some nutrients to your lawn then you may use the mulching option. You may also use the side discharge feature with this mower.

You might be missing the cushion on the handles of this mower which might not be a big deal but cushion helps in providing a proper grip on the handle especially when the mower vibrates.

About The Brand – Craftsman

The Craftsman is an American brand and they are in the business of garden equipment since 1927. This brand was previously owned by Sears. Craftsman is a reliable brand name for manufacturing good quality lawn mowers, therefore we have added the craftsman Mower 37430 to our review list.

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